Snow is on the ground in December 1962 and CS Lewis, in the twilight of his life, is entertaining a group of American journalists at his home near Oxford. He shares stories of family, of friends like J.R.R. Tolkien (Tully), and of coming to faith. He continues by sharing stories of the writing of The Chronicles of Narnia, and shares thoughts on British Christmas traditions and the ultimate story of the Incarnation. 

British actor, David Payne, brings CS Lewis to life in this 90 minute, one-man, Christmas themed show ideal for entire congregations or small gatherings and Christmas banquets. Payne has garnered accolades in various Lewis roles, but none so important as the commendation of Douglas Gresham, Lewis's step-son. 


David Payne’s live one-man show brings CS Lewis to life in a way that no other medium can. It’s like having Professor Lewis there in the same room with you. The show provides a delightful and moving answer to the question of what it might have been like to meet CS Lewis. David not only entertains and does that well, but he also inspires.
— Dr. Devin Brown, Director of the CS Study Center, Asbury University
I was fortunate enough to have read every Lewis Biography and studied Lewis, even got to go inside his home in his Oxford village, etc. (David) got it all right and blended humor and drama, theology and biography, childhood and adulthood perfectly.
— Lin Sexton, Gallo Center for the Arts, Modesto, CA
David Payne is amazing in his portrayal of CS Lewis! Our 800+ audience was completely engrossed in his performance and captivated by David’s ability to capture the essence of one the greatest authors of the 20th century. You’ll believe you’re in the room with CS Lewis himself! A delightful evening that any Englishman or American would thoroughly enjoy!
— Salem Radio, Colorado Springs, CO

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