Born into slavery in Maryland, Harriet Tubman not only ran away alone to escape slavery, she returned to the south nineteen times to lead over three hundred other slaves to freedom in the northern United States and Canada. Her work as a nurse and a spy during the civil war was instrumental in helping the North defeat the South, thus forcing the abolition of slavery in the United States. Her entire life was spent working for the benefit of others, while asking little for herself. 

Now The Spirit of Harriet Tubman continues that legacy! Unable to rest as long as there are those who need guidance, The Spirit of Harriet Tubman, returns time and again sharing her life story and the things she learned along the way. Leslie McCurdy captivates her audience in The Spirit of Harriet Tubman with only a trunk of costumes and a barren stage as her landscape.

For a breathtaking hour, she embodies the “spirit” of Harriet Tubman and shares Harriet’s empowering story woven with words said to have been Harriet’s own. Leslie takes the audience through Ms. Tubman’s childhood, her harrowing solo flight from slavery, her dedicated involvement with the Underground Railroad, her victorious rescue mission during the civil war and her commitment to others in her later years.

This inspiring solo performance, by an artist described as being “of exceptional skill and grace,” teaches of the faith and conviction that drove Harriet Tubman to follow her dreams; the spirit of the past connecting with the present, inspiring her charges to have the courage to do the same in envisioning their future.  


We’ve seen a lot of plays about Harriet Tubman across the country, and this is the one we like.
— Anita Peeks, Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute, Detriot, MI
The audience was held in rapt attention for the duration of the performance even though Ms. McCurdy uses no microphone and only a small trunk onstage as a set piece! The performance brought this important woman in our nation’s history to life for our audiences. Leslie’s amazing portrayal of Harriet Tubman is truly a “must-see” event!
— Archie Rawls, Brownstone Center for the Arts, Poplarville, MS
This is Harriet Tubman’s story like you’ve never seen it before!
— Von Washington, Western Michigan University